Tanya Kudryashka Ukrainian Podcast
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About this project

You recognise the person from this website, it’s our managing director Tanya. Tanya has a long-running YouTube channel, which showcases her travels around the world “through a Ukrainian girl’s eyes.” Alongside her Ukrainian YouTube channel, she also has a channel in English, and a Ukrainian podcast.

If you’re not already aware, to put a podcast out to the public, the files need to be hosted somewhere. There are many solutions, but if you already have a website with a blog and some other stuff, you can host your podcast on your own website, which is exactly what Tanya did. Her podcast episodes are uploaded directly to her own website, and then automatically pushed out to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other platforms.

If you want to start a podcast (we know, everybody has a podcast now), then contact us to build your podcast hosting website.