Hello! We’re Artenko.

We create amazing art, websites and apps

From quick casual mobile games to complex, well-designed long-lasting games, eCommerce stores, simple websites, complicated mobile apps.

We can do it all!

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We are Artenko

We design, draw and animate characters for your gaming projects.

It’s not just the characters, we can design it all. If you want backgrounds for your games, 3D animation, web design… Basically anything that’s on a screen, we can design it to look amazing, in the correct format, for a great price.

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App development

Perhaps you need the whole app development project to be managed by Artenko? We can do that for you.

Web & Mobile

Our team includes very experienced full-stack web developers, giving us the ability to complete any web project you throw at us.

Character design

Our team includes top class designers who have worked on huge projects for major companies. We can make your project look amazing.

Software development

If it’s on a screen, we can do it. Send us a message with as much info as you have, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Our favourite web projects

Conquest by Kurt Caz. Developed by Artenko.
ARTENKO Web Design
Mulvey Website Design Pagio Artenko