Conquest by Kurt Caz. Developed by Artenko.
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About this project

The client, a popular YouTuber named Kurt Caz came to us with a concept to provide his fans with extra content, just like most creators provide on Patreon, however, Kurt didn’t want Patreon to control what sort of content he releases on there, so he came up with the idea of Kurt Caz Army.

A base for Kurt Caz fans to get access to more content, to chat within a forum and to find out about events and Merch drops.

The idea was simple, it’s free to sign up, to use the forum, to check out some short videos and images, and there would be a paid tier at $4.99 per month, identical to Patreon, where Kurt would create and post unseen videos – exclusive to Kurt Caz Army.

The idea of Kurt Caz Army was a concept, and it worked.

Within the first month of the website going live, which was built on WordPress to keep costs down, we saw it was a success, and it was then time to build the real version on a more robust, bespoke framework.

The new website is built using PHP, on the Laravel framework.

The system has been completely constructed from scratch, with Kurt and his fans in mind. Kurt found WordPress slightly difficult to use, and WordPress comes with many issues, like security and speed.

However, our developers have built the new website to fully match Kurt’s specifications. He knew exactly how he wanted to use the admin panel to upload new content, and that’s exactly how we built it for him.

Along with the release of the new system came a new brand name – CONQUEST.

We will continue working with Kurt, bringing new updates to the site, improving on an already working concept, bringing consistent entertainment to his audience.

If you have a concept that you would like to bring to life, get in touch with us.