ARTENKO Kurt Caz Army Website Design
Published On: October 12, 2022Skills Needed: , , , , , Categories:

About this project

Kurt Caz Army was a concept website for popular YouTuber Kurt Caz. Kurt wanted a place for his followers to create a community amongst themselves, gaining access to exclusive content that cannot be shown on YouTube. Kurt initially wanted the website to be a concept, to prove whether his fans would want extra content, and access to their own forum, run by Kurt and his team.

Artenko built the website in WordPress, making it easy for the customer to manage. In the back end of the website, the client can manage the users (members), see their relevant data, cancel subscription upon request by the customer and also the ability to create new membership tiers. Building in WordPress made the concept website as cheap as possible, whilst working very well for the task.

Within the first month, it was obvious that the concept was a success, therefore, Kurt decided to get the website built from scratch, which you can check out in our other portfolio items – CONQUEST.

Kurt Caz Army now automatically redirects to CONQUEST.